December 9, 2014

In The News

Don't Taze Me Bro
Don't worry, I wasn't about to.
[...]a decade’s worth of data that indicate nothing in the way of systemic bias in encounters between law enforcement and citizens (of every color).
The survey quoted is available here along with related publications. Obama is lying through his ass. Again.

You Always Waterboard The Ones You Love
Democratic senators are finally able to release the final report on enhanced interrogation techniques used to obtain information from the gentle followers of the Religion of Peace. Right after the elections.
When you’re staring at an ironclad complicity rap from a general public and liberal base looking for some sign that you stood athwart the black site gates and shouted,“Stop!” yet no such evidence exists or is forthcoming.

When you’re putting the final touches on a report that somehow cost the taxpayers 40 million dollars, the content of which you characterize as shocking, brutal, and un-American, while looking for a way to extricate yourself and your colleagues from the role of enabler for that which will undoubtedly shock, albeit with intent.

When your unanimous and full-throated opposition to the program you once supported hinges upon the notion that it was not only immoral, but ineffective – because how can you explain shutting down a program, however objectionable, which was effective at pulling actionable intelligence out of high value Al Qaeda leadership detainees?
When you're desperate to save your political ass you find that the CIA is not only convenient, it's a gift from God.

The report is here.

US Troops Pulling Out Of Afghanistan ... Headed For Chicago
Brother Rahm is doing the same bang up job in Chicago as he did in the White House.
Four people were killed and at least 22 more were wounded by gunfire in Chicago since Friday. Among the victims were a Loyola University student and a 9-year-old boy.

The gun violence also included three shootings involving law enforcement officers. One man was killed, two others were wounded and a Drug Enforcement Agency officer was hit and seriously injured by a car, according to authorities.
And on Monday there was another murder and eight more shootings. So far this year almost 2,350 people have been shot.


Euripides said...

Redirection is the liberal way. Getting flak for turning millions of illegals loose in the US? Hey! How 'bout them CIA abuses!

Doom said...

My guess is, if you look closely at the data? You will find that cops were much harsher to whites. If anything, you will find that blacks, as usual, had it easy. That simply isn't good enough for them. So... that's about to change.

As to Dems? Come on, they have always been for statism, and statism requires broken eggs. The only problem they have with enhanced interrogation methods is that they can't use them on conservative US citizens, yet. Same with their base.

Dems again? Do they even think black on black is a crime? I know they don't think of black on white as a crime. I do wonder how close Chicago is to Detroit. If it looks, smells, and splatters like... It is... Crime allows Dems to maintain power. Call them... brownshirts. Thugs are a Dem's best friend.