December 13, 2014

Tatts On Mugs

First we get fingerprinted, then face printed.

Doodle man doodles.

My friends all got great jumpsuits and all I got was these lousy tattoos.

Don't be rude, my eyes are up .... no, wait.

All systems go. Contact lenses landing sites identified.


LL said...

They blend in well enough (in the ghetto) that it may be camouflage.

Fredd said...

Their moms must be so proud

M. Silvius said...

And they complain they no one will give them a job!!

WoFat said...

. . . and just can't understand why nobody loves them.

Kid said...

And google images reveals much much more.
I wonder what it is. In for a penny in for a pound? It's probably more like someone with shit for brains trying to fit in with other people who have shit for brains. But these things are expensive right? Who's paying for this. :)