December 7, 2014

Sharia Chic

As Europe stumbles its way into the heathen worship system of Mohammedism, it is best that we  anticipate, perhaps even embrace, some of the benefits that will accompany this change.

One of the accrued benefits of Mohammedism will be a return to a historic exterior decorating style formerly employed by the likes of such men as King Henry VIII, namely the positioning of heads on spikes on the London Bridge.

With the proper placement of brunettes, blondes and gingers amid floral patterns defined by wrought iron borders, a striking visual ensemble can be created in a few hours and last for days, even weeks if the weather remains cool. There is no lack of skilled Muslim exterior decorators who are willing to work for a pittance.

This decorating style  can also help reduce the appalling incidence of English obesity by stimulating vigorous physical exercise as witnessed by this account:
Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (1473-1541) The Countess of Salisbury was the last direct descendant of the Plantagenet line - she was a descendant of King Edward III. The countess made the mistake of appearing to side with Katherine of Aragon against the king and he declared her a traitor. She was arrested two years before her execution and badly treated and neglected as a prisoner in the Tower of London. She was not given a trial. She was small, frail and ill. 
But she was a proud noble. She was dragged to the block, but refused to lay her head on the block. She was forced down and struggled. The inexperienced executioner made a gash in her shoulder rather than her neck. She leapt from the block and was chased by the executioner, with his axe. She was struck eleven times before she died. There were 150 witnesses to her execution. She was 68 years of age.
While never losing its appeal in the Mid East, this style is seeing a dramatic resurgence as Sharia Chic sweeps out of the Fertile Crescent and takes Europe by storm.


LL said...

The last time that I was in Germany there were more Turkish flags flying than German flags.

Gorges Smythe said...

Why is it that we keep out the good folks, but welcome the trash with open arms? Oh yeah, THINKING people don't vote for democrats; I forgot.

Doom said...

Here is the deal, though, Sig. Whether they end up going for the islamic blood cult, or rejecting it, heads will have to roll. The only choice is whose heads, more than the others anyway, it will be. Not whether heads will roll.

Fredd said...

As long as the decorators remember to trim up the strands of dangling neck meat, as they detract somewhat from the visage (little blast from the past, there, Sig).

Euripides said...

Jihad means "the struggle," so Muslims are totally OK with the idea of a struggling victim having his or her head sawed off with a pocket knife.

Ah! The good old days indeed.