January 27, 2015

Asking For Trouble

I find Cadbury Creme Eggs somewhat revolting (I'm a semisweet chocolate guy myself) but my wife and daughters will go berserk when they find this out:
Hershey's has blocked British-made Cadbury chocolate from entering the US. 
The chocolate company struck up a deal with Let's Buy British Imports to stop imports of Cadbury products made overseas, reports Tatiana Schlossberg at The New York Times.

The company will also stop importing British Kit Kat bars, Toffee Crisps, and Yorkie chocolate bars.

Fans of chocolate manufactured in Britain say it tastes better than American-made chocolate.

A Hershey's representative told The New York Times that the company has the rights to manufacture Cadbury chocolate in America using different recipes, and that importing British chocolate is an infringement.
Right around Easter my wife would buy those things; she and our daughters would open the foil and gleefully suck that sugary, sweet milky crap out of them. I still shudder at the thought. But these were Cadbury Eggs, not Hersey Eggs.

There's going to be trouble.

Heck, my youngest daughter had an imaginary friend that she named Cadbury. She was teased mercilessly by her older sisters about it but Cadbury remained a close friend for several years.

Personally, I do not care for Hersey's chocolate, it's too sugary. If I can have my druthers, I prefer Dove dark, semisweet chocolate.

Story here. I have a gut feeling that Hersey's is gonna get their ass kicked.


Doom said...

It's all business. If the demand is there, Hershey's will merely pay the licensing fees, after being punished a bit, and then start producing them. OR, they will agree to the imports, but for a fee. It's all business, at that level. Mostly.

Fredd said...

Hershey will do just fine, whatever comes of this kerfuffle.

Ever been to their little theme park in Hershey, PA? Cadbury has a tiger by the tail.