January 30, 2015

Long Island

I drove down to Hauppauge, Long Island, with my brother for a family meeting to decide on how to best take care of our mother. Her heart is too weak to allow her to live by herself anymore and she needs someone with her 24/7.  All of us have moved off the Island so there'll be some discussion on where she will stay.

She is in good spirits though. Having all her kids around her probably helped. For being 87, the physical therapist was surprised at how physically strong she still is. My mom's a tough old bird.

We'll have to sell her condo and her car and eventually move her somewhere; until then a home aide basically moves in with her. She can't be moved for another few months until they can hopefully get her heart a little stronger so she can survive an ablation operation on her branch bundle and installation of a pacemaker.

Will be back maybe in a few days.


underground pewster said...

It is the modern process of restructuring the family as we get older given our separation from others due to jobs and relocations as well as the ability for our older parents to live independently for much longer. God speed Brother.

LL said...

I've been in that situation myself, and NONE of it is easy for anyone. Hang in there.

Kid said...

All the best Sig.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've been there too. You're where you need to be.