January 12, 2015

New York Bozo

Aaron Rodgers sparked a little internet fury when he barked out a "New York Bozo" audible during the first quarter of the Cowboys-Packers game yesterday.

One site is calling it a slam at NYC Mayor de Blasio:

Yahoo Sports is calling it a Chris Christie slam, even though he's the governor of NJ.

And Rodgers? He says it means nothing.


Fredd said...

If you ask me, everyone who lives in NY is a bozo. They continue to elect socialists who once in office effect wealth transfer policies that impoverish everyone, even the recipients.

Bozos, all of 'em.

sig94 said...

Ahhh gee Fredd - I live in NY....

Kid said...

Just say No to pro sports.

Fredd said...

Sig: present company excepted....but you're neighbors, no so much.

sig94 said...

Fredd - been complaining and talking about moving for years now.


Still here.