January 16, 2015

Pastors 2, Mayor 0

The Mayor of Houston just got spanked. She tried to derail a jury trial instigated by local pastors against her efforts to muzzle them. The judge denied the emotion.
A group of pastors suing the city of Houston and its first openly lesbian mayor just got a piece of very good news.

Harris County District Court Judge Robert Schaffer ruled Tuesday against a motion by the city to deny the pastors a jury trial and instead have a decision rendered by a “special master.”

Mayor Annise Parker made national headlines when she and her city attorney issued a subpoena to area pastors involved in the suit, demanding copies of their sermons.

The conflict began when the major and council members enacted a new ordinance allowing transgender individuals to use city facilities such as public restrooms designated for either sex.
Story here.


LL said...

I wonder if she'd get smarter if she stopped chewing carpet?

sig94 said...

LL - Smarter, but less fiber.

Kid said...

Get that bitch

Doom said...

I am pleased they haven't backed down due to... civility... or social order... or whatever else the ill of nature are trying to use to push their evil and the extent of it out of public sight.


Hahahahahaha. Carpet, he says. Hahahaha.



sig94 said...

Doom - let justice be served, hopefully with a side of cold humiliation.