January 17, 2015

The Religion O'Peace Goes Postal Again

He wanted the "Mohammed Raping Nine Year Old Child" commemorative stamps.
The latest Paris hostage crisis ended without bloodshed today after a gunman who claimed he had a Kalashnikov and grenades surrendered to police.

In a sign of the increasingly tense atmosphere in the city, the alarm was raised just before 1pm, with reports of a 'terrorist incident' in Colombes.

Dozens of armed officers trained their weapons on a post office where the man had reportedly taken people hostage.
But it turned out to be a 31-year-old 'depressed and unstable' local man on medication who had 'romantic problems'.

Dramatic pictures show the suspect holding his hands in the air after emerging from the post office as armed police point their weapons at him.

He is made to kneel on the ground as officers move in to handcuff him, all the time aiming their guns at his head. The hostages escaped unharmed.
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LL said...

They should have just shot the Muslim terrorist and saved the state the expense of a trial...

Am I getting peevish in my old age? Perhaps. But my level of "tolerance" for Islamic hostage takers/beheaders/wife beaters, etc. has worn thin.

sig94 said...

LL - That's a societal condition that may hopefully soon cure itself.