January 13, 2015

The Man Who Wasn't There

H/T to Lucianne for this photo

From the BBC:
On Sunday, as more than a million marchers took to the Paris streets and 44 heads of state joined arms on Boulevard Voltaire, there was one notable absence.

At least, the absence was noted by many of Barack Obama's critics, who slammed the US president for failing to attend the French unity demonstrations following the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

CNN's Jake Tapper said he was "ashamed" that Mr Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden or any other "high-level" US official failed to stand alongside leaders from the UK, Israel, the Palestinian authority, Germany and Jordan.

"I get that the president visited the French Embassy in Washington and that Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in French, and I certainly understand that the American commitment to security in Europe rivals no other," he writes. "But with all due respect, those are politicians spending money that they didn't earn and sending troops whom they don't know."


LL said...

Barack and poor old senile Joe were screwing off, likely telling their staffs not to bother them. That's how the nation's leaders roll these days.

Euripides said...

The silly thing about this is that the world news thought that Obama would behave differently when a real problem arose. As the French would say: "Je ne suis pas obama."

Kid said...

Great Pic! Meanwhile, obammy also dictates that we should never talk about the muslim vermin performing jihad,204926#mnetint
Apparently, we should only reverently talk for 6 months about some black thug POS who, unarmed, tried to kill an armed police officer, then send the the two POS's who created this monster to the freakin UN to yap.
Unreal. We've all gone through the Stargate to some nonsensical galaxy over the last 5 years.

sig94 said...

Stargate brought to you courtesy of the DNC.

DaBlade said...

Poor Jake Tapper. For the first time he is ashamed of his president. Loved the empty chair!

WoFat said...

Way to go Clint.