February 27, 2015

No Bush 45

I've had my fill of Bush's.

I am right up to here with Bush's.

No more Bush's.

No more "Read My Lips. No new taxes." - Bush41
We got a nice increase in existing taxes.
And fancy new ones like the Audio Home Recording Act.

No more "Mission Accomplished." - Bush43
No it wasn't.
Still isn't.
But we did get:

  1. more entitlements ( in the first 7 years Medicare Part D added almost $320 bn to the national debt) and the first in a long line of
  2. financial bailouts, first for the automotive industry (GM alone got $49 bn and reneged on $11 bn in pay backs) and then Wall Street ($700 bn).
So, what was the mission again?

Not a chance for “I think Detroit would do real well if we started repopulating it with young, aspirational people.” - "Jeb" Bush45 wanna be.
Sure, concentration camps.
Filled with conservative youths.
Or illegal aliens.

Here's ya young, aspirational youts Detroit

More here for Jeb's latest "let's see what I yank out of my ass" comment.

Really, this guy's an idiot. Detroit's problem is 60 years of corrupt Democratic political control.

Also, Dianny of All The Right Snark now has her own site at the Patriot Retort. Go visit.


LL said...

I have never met anyone (ANYONE) who thinks that Jeb Bush would be a good choice for the next president. The media prefers him and there is chatter there. Apparently people in straw poles pick him from time to time - but not people that I talk to.

Having said that, Bush is better than Hillary.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn I hate when you sugar coat things. NO MORE RINOs.

Doom said...

I thought any R would do? What happened to that? I suspect you won't have a choice. After Romney and McCain, do you honestly think you have any choice in the matter?

Kid said...

If it's bush or the hildebeast then it is clearly, absolutely, positively Over for the USA.

I'm not optimistic.

Fredd said...

I still stick with "Any R will do." But certainly Jeb will be the last R I would vote for. And if I must vote for Jeb, I will be holding my nose big time. Just like I did for his brother. Twice.

Jeb has no shot. Did you hear the boos he got at CPAC? Warmed my heart that fellow conservatives see this guy as another center-right Democrat-lite just like I see the guy.