February 26, 2015

Just How Screwed Up Is This Guy?

I'm not sure why I even bother posting anything about these people. A slow motion train wreck doesn't begin to describe what is happening to this human flotsam and jetsam.
Bruce Jenner reportedly plans on being a lesbian once he completes his gender reassignment and becomes 'Belinda.'

The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist has told loved ones that he 'can't imagine himself being attracted to men.'

'He's not sure if the hormone treatments will change how he feels about men,' a family insider said in the March 9 edition of Star Magazine. 'But right now he says that he still likes women.'
Story here:

America hasn't lost it's moral center; America has rejected it.
We'll see even more of this kind of senseless mutilation and confusion celebrated in the media.


LL said...

Will he become his ex-wife's lesbian lover? Maybe after he has it bobbed, he'll use a strap-on?

Since the Kardashians are clearly trendsetters for America's youth, will hoards of young men opt for gender reassignment surgery so that they can be lesbians?

Gorges Smythe said...

Such a shame that electric shock treatments have fallen into disfavor.

Doom said...

You can't worry about "them". CYA, turn your back on those who don't, and let it go or the taint of it will destroy you. We've all got our best and fastest paths to fail, and hell. Some take it, some don't. If I am going to be a lesbian, I'll do so with my God-given, and quite good, sex toy. (Hey, God made it, looked us over, and said it was good... who am I to argue.) Plus, I still get to stand to pee. Just for that alone... if that isn't all by a lot. :p Boomstick and aiming rod in one. It's good to be a man!

Further, don't even think the world is falling as the media might want you to think. Remember, they are dying industries. The only thing keeping them on their feet is crony capitalism and corrupted leftist billionaires. Don't fall prey to their libel of a mostly, truly, good population. Americans might be slightly jaded, but most still try to do the right things. Yeah, and a lot of them really are ignorant, even stupid. People have... that problem as a common theme in history. Lots of good people here, but they aren't considered newsworthy. Bleh.

Kid said...

We'll see even more of this kind of senseless mutilation and confusion celebrated in the media...

YEP, and by the kids. About 3 generations of them now.

deborah harvey said...

bruce j. is only doing it--and probably it is all pretend, anyway-- for the money and attention.
i remember when he won the gold. he could never get enough attention and he has never matured. he will always be a publicity hog.
we pay no attention to any of them.

WoFat said...

Bruce should leap from a tall building in a single bound.