February 22, 2015

I Like Scott Walker

 Gov. Scott Walker

I like the Governor of Wisconsin.
I like his stance on public sector unions.
I like his stance on government sending.
And I really like the way he handles the idiots in the media who are howling for the scent of a story, any story, that could derail his Presidential aspirations.
How do you know that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has taken at least temporary custody of frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016? Beyond, of course, the polls that show him rocketing to the front of the pack in critical early primary states like Iowa? The political press is coming down hard on him and his nascent campaign.
When Obama announced his candidacy for President, the media immediately started humping his leg. Scott Walker announces his candidacy and they're biting at his ankles. But that's what liberal dogs do.
After three unambiguous statewide victories in a Democratic state in just four years, Scott Walker is thoroughly vetted. If there were skeletons in his closet, the media and the myriad opposition researchers scrutinizing his past would have found them by now. “Scott Walker could very well be indicted in the coming days,” the forlorn MSNBC host Ed Schultz predicted on the night of Walker’s second statewide victory. He never was.
Schultz was on suicide watch for three weeks after that insanely wistful prognostication. Schutz sounded like he wanted a pony for his birthday and got a three-legged cocker spaniel with a saddle instead.
So, the press has taken a keen interest in catching Walker in unflattering moments or making hash out of otherwise minor controversies. Rudy Giuliani was speaking at an event for Walker when he sent the political media into a manic frenzy in which reporter and pundit alike tripped over one another to denounce what they dubbed the New York City’ mayor’s callous and quite possibly racist assertion that President Barack Obama doesn’t love his country. Only now, on day five of that story, is it finally beginning to fade from the media’s focus.
Nope, no meat on that bone. The dogs must dig elsewhere.
Watch them rip up his lawn and piss on his geraniums.

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WoFat said...

You have read Liberals well.

Kid said...

Mr Walker may have what it takes to handle the media.
He is certainly a proven conservative. One that would get a bunch of perfectionist ass* off their couch in 2016.

I'd Happily vote for Walker, Trey Gowdy(not running) or Jindal or Cruz. I think Walker is the guy though.

Doom said...

Walker seems okay, in a lot of ways. But like every other Republican, he seems intent on allowing the free flow of illegal aliens. Zero and Dems do it to bolster their dying and deserting voter base, Republicans do it to allow, essentially, slave labor for their crony big business allies, and to kiss the ring of Soros and his ilk.

I don't know if there is even a Repugnate running who isn't on the wrong side of that issue. There certainly isn't a Demorat. Basically, all Reps seemd to have zero interest in US sovereignty. Which, in the long run, will eliminate their own party, and the US as a nation. I simply, probably, won't vote, again. I won't be asked to pull the trigger at my own, if long and slow, execution and end of America.

Fredd said...

Walker will do just fine. Or, for that matter, anybody who makes it as the last man standing after the primaries who has an (R) behind their name.

I really miss Dubya, but frankly back in 2000 ol' 43 was the absolute LAST guy with an (R) behind his name who I would support. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY else who ran in the primaries had my vote before W.

And Dubya did OK. Not perfect, but OK. Way better than Clinton ever could muster.

The guy with the (R) behind his name in the general will have an easy path as president, since the bar is now so low, even Lamar Alexander would look like the next coming of George Washington.

And Walker could be that guy...

LL said...

I'm with Fredd, the "R" counts. I have Republicans that I like better than others. Walker has very limited experience in dealing with foreign policy, but he's had a number of personal attacks by the left while Governor and weathered all that politically.

Walker is in the middle of the pack in terms of who I'd like, but the R counts.

deborah harvey said...

just want to say that if barbara bush, an exemplary wife and mother, were in any way like bill clinton's mother we would still be hearing about it.
the media are nasty.