February 22, 2015

6 Years Too Late

Former NYC Mayor Guiliana asks the $4 million question and now the media starts chasing its tail again. Why wasn't Obama put on the rack about his personal and political connections during the 2008 Presidential campaign?

Why didn't the media hammer Obama six years ago with these questions?

Obama's early history is sealed up tighter than a frog's butthole, where were the reporters then?

Never mind, we know...


WoFat said...

obama is like a popular song, "To your left, to your left."

LL said...

The media could have/should have vetted Obama the way that they do everyone else -- but to do so would have been racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, narcophobic, and every other thing that has been declared politically incorrect.

Obama was a bum. Everyone who has taken a look into his past knows that. And 6 years in the White House hasn't changed one thing.

Doom said...

I have some question about who owns the media. It seems political, but I think it can be traced back to elites, the real 1%'ers. For them, a coffee boy in the office is an easy squeeze. On paper, he can pass as something. Few lawyers ever make it to be Supreme Court level lawyers. The truth was that whole thing is a fiction. He's basically a semi-well positioned conman who could not survive on his purchased credentials. But he is exactly who they wanted in office.

He isn't a surprise. What is a surprise is there isn't another politician who has been in, or run for, that position, for a very long time, who is anything but that. Even those with functional credentials.

Don't expect the media to fork the hand the feeds it. We don't. The only reason the newspapers that are still running are still in operation is because of big monies' need for their services. Not just print, actually, of course. Bought and paid for, the whore they proclaim they denounce. Funny thing is, many of them are so tied to it, they actually believe their own bull.

Kid said...

An interesting thought. Is Rudy the start of people running blocker for Walker? It could work. Keep the media yapping about Rudy's comments and stories, the few they will be able to find if any, about walker get lost in the shuffle.

I should be on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Six years later people start speaking up about who Barry really is, what he believes, and where his loyalties lay? It is all BS!

2016 is on the horizon and this is just an opening salvo to try to make the middle-to-right in America believe that the GOP gives a crap. I would turn this back on them and simply say "2014 mid-terms and Boner/McConAll are still leading?" Since then they have done zero of their mandate.