April 17, 2015

And One Party To Rule Them All

I was raised on Long Island, NY, and have plenty of great memories of Merrick, East Meadow and Smithtown. My mom still lives in Suffolk County. My dad was a rock rib Republican so I was a little dismayed, but not surprised, when I read that the feds are investigating just about every state politician who is a Republican on the Island.

Of course the facts that there are Democrats in the White House and the Governor's Office and the feds are leading the charge doesn't mean a thing *cough*.
Nassau County’s highest-ranking official and nearly all of Long Island’s state senators have been subpoenaed as part of a federal grand-jury probe targeting state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son, sources told The Post on Thursday.

County Executive Ed Mangano, a fellow Republican, appeared before the secret panel last week and was asked about various contracts signed by the county, said a government source briefed on the case.
Eight of Long Island’s nine state senators — all Republicans — also were issued subpoenas directing them to cough up documents, NY1 reported. Skelos, the ninth senator, has yet to be subpoenaed, sources said.

Skelos is under investigation in connection with a $12 million deal for a stormwater-treatment system that Nassau’s Department of Public Works inked in 2013 with a money-losing Arizona company, despite having received a lower bid from a rival firm, according to The New York Times.
Not that the Republicans aren't dirty - after all it is Nassau County we're talking about - but when only one political party is targeted, my bullshit detector gets all jiggy.

Story here.


LL said...

The Department of Justice is completely co-opted. The IRS became an attack dog of the Democratic Party. It's Chicago - everywhere now.

sig94 said...

To be fair, the US Attorney, Preet Bhawhawhaw, took over the Moreland Commission's work on political corruption in NY when Thug-in-Chief Gov. Cuomo killed it. This investigation may be a part of that Commission's findings that the USA is continuing.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

How many State Senators do you have if nine alone are on Long Island.

sig94 said...

There's 3 million people on the Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties).

All told there are 34,897 state senators in NY ... all on the take.

Fredd said...

Do all of those 34, 897 senators decorate their tax payer funded offices like the set on Downton Abbey?

sig94 said...

Fredd - ain't Downton Abbey gorgeous? The wife and I are just finishing up the 5th season on DVD. Got to admit, I'm getting a little tired of it now. I want Barrow shot.

Remember back in 1993 or so, Al Gore redecorating his VP office for almost $1 million? Used a very rare type of wood for his desk.