April 18, 2015

In The News

I looked at the UK Daily Mail this morning and gave up on the human race.
Will Smith's son, Jada,  wears a dress and sticks flowers on his screwed up head. He'll be starring on the "America Got Buggered" show soon.

Hollywood beauty Olivia Wilde shows off her prime bewbs by breast feeding her nekked son in a public restaurant/diner/Burger King whatever. Kid looks like he would like a hamburger and then take a dump on his mom's Christian Dior dress.

Crazed ESPN bitch reporter gets snotty when her car gets towed and now blah blah blah bullshit what she says what she does who cares shut up.

Kim Kardashian's ass is everywhere! It was on the side of my box of cereal this morning! I understand it'll soon be replacing Andy Jackson on the US $20 bill.

1 comment:

Kid said...

Celebrities are such asses. Speaking of which, pretty much only the black dudes like asses as big as kims.
But then it's becoming a black world from a pop culture POV it seems.