April 24, 2015

Lead-Filled Spanx?

I remember rooming with two college wrestlers who would starve themselves before a math to keep their weight down.
Earlier this month France passed a new law that bars models from walking the runway if their body mass index is deemed too low, in an attempt to combat anorexia.

And the pressure is on for agencies who can face a fines of up to $80,000 and six months in prison for employing too-thin models.

But former model Jennifer Sky, 38, from Brooklyn, New York, has revealed in an op-ed for the New York Observer that the fashion industry has already found a way around the regulations, explaining that thin models are now resorting to wearing weighted Spanx in order to cheat the new BMI standards.

French authorities were scared to death by Mama.


LL said...

It's not attractive.

But then again that's me. I was never attracted to the necrophile lifestyle.

To me, necrophiles are one step below the transgendered in the march to see how low humanity can sink. And anybody who would find pleasure in one of those poor sick girls MUST be a necrophile.

WoFat said...

I would prefer a fat girl named Bambi. God knows what she would prefer.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I like something to hold on to.

LL said...

Woodsterman - yeah, more cushion for the pushin' when you understand how action and reaction works.