April 19, 2015

This Well Was Dug Deep

Pres. Hillary Clinton instructing the Secret Service to store the First Dude's genitals in Fort Knox.

Deborah C. Tyler at American Thinker has a woman's perspective on Hillary Clinton that is spot on.
[...]Many people think Hillary Clinton is a psychopath without a conscience who cares nothing about her husband's betrayals on a personal level. That formulation does not seem supported by what has leaked out about the Clinton's relationship. It is more likely that she is a wellspring of anger hiding behind a smile you can hang laundry on.

What is certain is she spent years mopping up and deodorizing Bill's messes. Bill's affairs with and attacks on women have been more destructive to Hillary's psychological integrity and self-worth than some miraculous hundred grand showing up in the Clinton cookie jar have been to him. His sexist violence strikes at the heart of who she claims to be, and continues to damage her basic sense of security and candidacy. For forty years, a room full of strangers is where the party starts for Bill, and where the messes are made for Hillary. For forty years every time Hillary entered a room full of strangers she had her bucket and mop. A bimbo splatter might be found anywhere. For forty years a room full of strangers, interacting in an unscripted moment, has been Hillary's worst nightmare.
God help us if Hillary gets her paws on the reins of government. A circus monkey riding a crazed elephant would do less damage.


Doom said...

I think Deborah has it absolutely all wrong. Hillary knew and cared nothing about what Bill was doing with or to other women. She only cared that he got sloppy, and that his actions complicated their political climbs. I think she even got into killing people off, but found that albatross was dirtier, stank worse, and carried longer. Even with the media hiding all their dirt it can, there simply are limits. If they are still using murder inc. as an eraser, they have begun to do it in a much more low-key, or indirect, manner. Though the media is completely blocking any such sort of stories. Even if they had pictures of the act, she scrawled a confession in the victim's blood, they would hide it.

Deborah is a trusting putz, and proof why we can't believe anything out of the media. I assume she believes herself to be conservative? Herself? Conservative? I worry about you, Sig. Seriously.

Fredd said...

Doom: in other words, you suggest the author used the wrong description in calling her a phycopath.

You are describing a sociopath.

Either way, she is not presidential material any more than I am.

Doom said...

Posh! If I had to choose, you would just have to do! Not even a choice. Sure, you might muck it up, but the intent would be there. For her, only the continued destruction of America is intended.

No, as to the authoress. I believe the nature of her nature makes it impossible to see the truth. She is still offering huge cover for Hillary, based on their shared sex. What she doesn't seem to understand is that Hillary is no more a woman than the devil is. I don't think the authoress can understand that.

sig94 said...

I still think this is a goodly piece of what this miserable specimen is going through. Though not entirely non-human, She has been miserable from the get go starting with her getting fired from the Watergate investigation of Nixon for unethical behavior. This fits the mold as well as other stories leaked from the WH during her husband's impeachment.

The Ray Esquivel said...

Why is everyone attacking Deb's opinion? It is her opinion and just one "woman's" opinion. The fact that she sees Hillary as a victim of BJ's picadillos is her limitation. I do no think she is defending HRC at all because even that defense still points out how unfit she is for high office. Most everyone else sees her as having made a deal with the devil himself to go along for the ride as partner in crime with BJ, knowing full well what she was doing. To her, the ends do justify the means. She will be the first woman president come hell or high water! Pipe dream!

Kid said...

the hildebeast will be worse than obama if and when. All I need to know. I don't believe she cared what billy did. It's clear he's been with thousands of women, some of them even uglier than the beast.