April 1, 2015

Thug Life Transplant - His Karma Rejected It

A heart transplant costs about a million dollars. And of course this nitwit gets one because it's raaaaacist not to waste a fortune on some knucklehead. I don't feel sorry for this POS nor for his family.
Heart transplant recipient, 17, dies in high-speed police chase crash - two years after hospital nearly denied him new organ because of his bad behavior

Anthony Stokes died on Tuesday after he crashed a stolen car into a pole while fleeing from the scene of an attempted burglary in Roswell, Georgia

  • He had fired at an elderly woman after breaking into her home
  • Less than two years ago, he was given a life-saving heart transplant
  • He was initially denied the surgery because doctors said he had previously failed to take medication so would be 'non-compliant' with the treatment
  • But they changed their minds following pressure from civil rights groups and the boy's family, who said he had been stereotyped as a troubled teen
  • After the transplant, he said he was grateful for a second chance at life
A teenager who received a life-saving heart transplant two years ago after initially being denied because of his bad behavior has died following a high-speed car chase with police. 
Anthony Stokes, 17, died on Tuesday after he crashed a stolen Honda into a pole as he fled the scene of an attempted burglary at an elderly woman's home in Roswell, Georgia.
His death comes less than two years after he was given a second chance at life following a heart transplant at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. 
The boy, from Decatur, suffered from a dilated cardiomyopathy so his heart was unable to pump enough blood. The condition can lead to irregular heartbeats, blood clots or heart failure.
Story here.


Kid said...

Well, glad he is off the street.

LL said...

One more person to stoke the fires of hell.

underground pewster said...

I guess not all evil comes from the heart.

WoFat said...

Just because he's bone deep evil and has B.O., that doesn't mean he's a bad person.