June 13, 2015

For What It's Worth - Again

I know this was posted a few weeks ago, but paranoia runs deep and I am starting to feel like I did years ago. I know what's happening here. I know where Obama and Congress is taking us and I have no desire to go there. Nothing good will come from any branch of the federal government and a lot of the states are no better.

We are seeing the fruits of decades-old efforts to bring the Beast to power. The destabilization of our country is one of the midpoints after they have destroyed our educational and criminal justice systems and degraded our moral standards. There is no shame anymore, only the media's self-serving outrage at perceived or contrived offenses. Shameful acts that were once hidden in shadow are now boldly proclaimed in public and heralded as good, as the new "normal."

Matthew 24:12, "And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold."

Lawlessness is self-indulgence, an expression of self love, or narcissism, where a person holds him/herself above the law and does whatever he or she feels is right .... or because it just feels good to scratch a hellish itching.

We see this all over the nation today and I fear it will only get worse. And this is the spirit of anti-Christ at work. This is the spirit that infests Obama and his minions. This is the spirit that infests liberal churches who ignore scripture and instead substitute modern, "caring" doctrines as moral standards.

For the record. No, Obama is not the anti-Christ; he is controlled by it. He has managed to unleash the demonic forces of Islam who now terrorize millions and have toppled nations. Anti-Christ will use this and other means to inspire fear and uncertainty for this will lead people to believe in a lie.

I say again, it will get worse. Lawlessness will increase throughout the world until people cry out for someone to keep them safe, someone to end the endless conflicts that ravages so many nations. That's when the Beast shall take over.

Read Matthew 24. It is a survival guide for what will happen to the world once the Rapture occurs.

I'll stop now before they come and put me away.


IRISH said...

Great song! :-)

sig94 said...

This was my favorite tune when it came out sooo many years ago it seems.

Kid said...

The tune is iconic and timeless.

Yes, so much is so screwed up that it's hard to imagine a trip back to common sense land.

Just one nano-micro example... talking to my wife on the way somewhere a couple hours ago and mentioned "Imagine how F up things are when you have a chick in Congress demanding taxpayers pay for condoms for the apparent hundreds of guys she screws every month or so. And she'll probably get elected to California congress next election."

sig94 said...

Kid - the brakes have failed, the gas pedal is stuck to the floor and the transmission is locked in drive. I fear we are totally f**ked.

Kid said...