June 9, 2015

Apprehensive In Albany

Our thug governor is rumored to be nervous in his service to the State of New York as a federal prosecutor quietly draws the net tighter and tighter.

From the NY Post:
Cuomo increasingly ‘paranoid’ over corruption probe

Paralysis and “paranoia’’ brought on by US Attorney Preet Bharara’s ongoing corruption probe have come to define Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration with just seven days to go in the legislative session, a worried Cuomo ally and others have told The Post.“Something is wrong. The place is paralyzed and the governor is not right. He seems frantic at times. He’s not acting the way he normally did,’’ said the ally, a prominent Cuomo political backer and longtime associate who has contact with the governor’s administration on a near-daily basis.

[...]Bharara’s investigation of Albany corruption that led to the indictment of two leaders of the Legislature earlier this year “badly shook’’ Cuomo because, he said, “nobody on the inside doubts that Bharara’s ultimate target is the governor himself.’’

The insider’s assessment of Cuomo’s peculiar behavior was echoed by others close to the governor’s office. One described Cuomo as “kind of lost, kind of out of it.’
A man running scared, panicky, makes mistakes. This should be fun to watch as Preet turns the heat up through leaks to the press. Just a week ago the Post ran this commentary:
US Attorney Preet Bharara moved “a giant step closer” to Gov. Andrew Cuomo late last week with an indictment that alleges insurance exec Anthony Bonomo, a top Cuomo contributor whom the governor made chairman of the New York Racing Association, gave a lucrative no-show job to state Sen. Dean Skelos’ son, sources have told The Post.

“Bonomo is Cuomo’s guy, and he wouldn’t offer anything to Skelos’ kid without first making sure it was OK with the governor or his people,’’ said a senior state Democrat.

“The fact that Bonomo, like Dorego, is cooperating with Bharara brings the whole investigation a giant step closer to Cuomo,’’ the Democrat added, referring to Charles Dorego, a top official at Cuomo megacontributor Leonard Litwin’s Glenwood Management.


LL said...

Cuomo should end up in jail, but I'm sure that Obama would pardon him on his way out of office.

Doom said...

It's too bad they don't strip politicians who are caught dirty of all their wealth. I mean down to just using some chump change to buy them a minor Walmart wardrobe, exempting them even from unemployment rolls. Including the money they have hidden overseas.

sig94 said...

LL - Just a few months in jail. Just a few. I'll settle for 2 or 3 even. Anything to wipe that smug look off that thug's face.

sig94 said...

Doom - we can dream.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You have to be corrupt in order to fool people into believing that liberalism works.