June 11, 2015

RIP Christopher Lee

One of the true bad asses of Hollywood, Christopher Lee has passed on. He was a member of the British Special Air Services in WWII, spoke six languages, sang opera, and played in more movie roles than any other actor - something like over 270.

This says something special about the man.
The director of LOTR:Return of the King, asked Lee how a man sounds when he is stabbed in the back:
According to Peter Jackson, Christopher Lee then began talking about “some clandestine part of World War II,” although, as always, he withheld details. Jackson had wanted him to shout in pain when he was stabbed. Lee explained that when you are stabbed, “the breath is driven out of your lungs,” and he gave a good impression of what it would actually sound like—more like a strangled gasp.

He was 93.

Read a crackin' good account of his life here.


Doom said...

I honestly thought he was already dead. Glad he lived a little longer.

As to the knife in the back thing, that depends on the skill of the wielder. And if poorly executed, the nature of the receiver. What sound did you make when Ryan suggested they have to pass it before we could read it, for example?

sig94 said...

Doom - Ryan is now dead to me.