June 10, 2015

The Case Against The Baltimore Cops Grows Weaker By The Day

From Western Journalism:
Evidence of apparent incompetence and misbehavior continues to pile up in the case of the “Baltimore Six” — not evidence against the cops involved in the police-custody death of Freddie Gray, but against the state’s attorney prosecuting the case. On the heels of the embarrassing disclosure that Marilyn Mosby filed her motion for a gag order in the wrong court — an attempt to keep defense attorneys from talking to the media that was denied — comes word that it was Mosby herself who directed police to crack down on drug dealing in the very neighborhood where Gray was apprehended.

In other words, Marilyn Mosby’s prior statements that the Baltimore cops who picked up Gray after he ran from them made an unlawful arrest, is contradicted by the fact that it was she who ordered the police crackdown on drug dealing in the high-crime area where the arrest took place.
This moron, no ... this lying sack of crap orders cops to aggressively enforce the law at a certain location and then indicts them for doing just that and then tries to hide it. Someone leaked the emails and departmental memos now she's suddenly camera shy.

And she's still trying to gag the autopsy report so no one will know for sure what killed the idiot in the paddy wagon.
Just last week, Western Journalism reported that State’s Attorney Mosby was discovered trying to keep Freddie Gray’s autopsy report under wraps. The news sparked criticism among those who believe the autopsy could offer evidence contrary to Mosby’s account of events that led to serious charges against the six police officers.



LL said...

I wonder if Mosby will be the one who ends up being prosecuted?

Doom said...

Mosby? Only if white, and probably male. There seems to be no justice, not even an attempt at it, anywhere in government for others. And I would argue that much of the "justice" that is happening has nothing to do with right or wrong. America has become the new South Africa.