January 25, 2016

Battle Of The Billionaires

First we have Trump and now Bloomberg may throw his hat into the ring.
Sources: Bloomberg Willing To Spend $1B On Possible Presidential Bid

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a look at the 2016 presidential landscape, and putting the pieces in place for a possible presidential run, sources close to Bloomberg said.

“What he said is if I didn’t get the nomination he might consider it,” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said. “Well I’m gonna relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn’t have to.”
This scenario has been bandied about before. But with this renewed trial balloon, perhaps Bloomberg smells an indictment in the wind?


LL said...

Bloomberg vs Trump - The battle of the NYC billionaires.

With Hillary wearing an orange jumpsuit, it may be a struggle between senile old white men: Biden and Sanders. It's true that Bloomberg may think that he can cut them out of the herd.

sig94 said...

LL - I hear Hilary looking smashing in orange. It's her color.

Kid said...

Would certainly love to have multiple players on the Dem ticket.