January 29, 2016

Trump v. Cruz

Other bloggers have been digging into Ted Cruz' personality and his ethics.
Both are found to be wanting.

Some interesting material found in The Last Refuge. Particularly informative in the "ethics" section is the documentation showing Cruz' participation in possible fraud in the 2014 Missouri Republican Senate primary between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel.

Cruz' personality -
Forget about trying to graph, measure or quantify how sharp Donald Trump’s political instincts are, he’s just off the charts. However, his decision to spotlight Ted Cruz’s greatest weakness, “the personality of Cruz“, the “in-authenticity”, is beyond brilliant.

Not only did Donald Trump win the seventh GOP debate by not showing up; and not only did Trump avoid the best laid ambush plans of the Fox News team; and not only did Donald Trump raise well over $6 million for American veterans; but by removing himself from the debate stage – Trump’s absence forced Ted Cruz out of the shadows and into the brightest possible sunlight.

Candidate Trump previously stated: “Ted Cruz is just a nasty person” – and by all accounts the pontificating arrogance and personality of Ted Cruz was not only captured by the broadcast, but for the first time Iowans who tuned-in saw first hand WHY Ted Cruz is the loneliest man in Washington DC.

His ethics -
The original Tea Party patriots, grassroots, supported Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Many people in the past several months have asked when we discovered that Cruz was a fraud. We have repeatedly outlined a very specific time frame when Ted Cruz’s “pivot point” was identified.

In this video (prompted to @03:10) you hear Glenn Beck mention when and why he gave up on Rand Paul. Beck claims he became disgusted with the Senator when he made a deal with Mitch McConnell. You only need to see about 30 seconds of it to understand.

[...]Glenn Beck then goes on to say the deal with Mitch is why he dropped support for Rand Paul and yet supports Ted Cruz.

Here’s the problem….

Actually, here’s the lie…

Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz made the same deal, together, at exactly the same time.

Stop – Repeat !

“The deal”, as Beck describes it, was actually real – and did actually take place. The deal was to go along with Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s overall objectives, electoral objectives AND legislative objectives, as the GOP entered into the 2014 mid-term election cycle.
Trump is now coming under fire for posting a likely photoshopped picture of Meghan Kelly and some Saudi prince. I doubt Trump has ever photoshopped anything, probably a rabid underling got this going. I am much more interested in Cruz' participation in undermining a fellow Republican.


Ron Russell said...

Always enjoy these events. Like both Trump and Cruz, but leaning toward the former at this time.

LL said...

I would vote for Rubio before I'd vote for Cruz.

I think that once the dust settles it will be a Trump/Rubio ticket vs Biden and the Fake Indian

sig94 said...

I'm more leaning towards an open revolt. Even if Trump wins, it will take a generation or more of continuous effort to effect the changes needed to return us to a true constitutional republic.

Ron Russell said...

"Fake Indian" LOL!!!! Speaking of Indians you might enjoy my latest posting over at my primary blog---Native Americans support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Getting on in years now, 76, and seldom write long post anymore. But do what I can for the cause of Conservationism!