January 27, 2016

Men Of Honor

Unfortunately there appears to be few men and women of honor in high government positions today. The National Review points to FBI Director, James Comey, as a possible, even likely, exception. And he would be a rather large exception at that; he stands at 6'8".

 James B. Comey Jr.

There is talk that Comey would resign in the event that the DoJ tries to derail the Hilary Clinton email impeachment train.
Could the Hillary Clinton e-mail saga end with FBI Director James Comey resigning in protest?

[...]Not many people remember that Comey almost resigned a high-profile law-enforcement job once before, upset because he thought White House politics were overruling the law. Back in 2004, Comey was Attorney General John Ashcroft’s top deputy.
Used to be, people of honor would resign, or slit their guts, at the drop of a hat if their position was compromised by their superiors of if they screwed up. Now they blame global warming, right wing conspiracies and gender bias when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.


DanielandKathy rollin free and easy said...

would love to see Hillary doing the Perp Walk

sig94 said...

Amen to that.

Kid said...

Come On FBI. Show some balls. Nail the beast.
And if you can't do that because of obama and crew, buy TV time and nail the beast in the public square.
Don't you dare lie down.

Doom said...

Resign? What the hell is wrong with him. That isn't honorable... You fight, not resign. F'ing pussy if you ask me. Fight!

sig94 said...

Doom - only if you stay and call out the lying SOB's so much that they fire your rebellious ass. Then ... okay.

Doom said...


Look at the picture you are using. Do I ask too much? Maybe. Nothing I wouldn't do myself. Yeah, I mean it. Coming from a place where I seem to have nothing to lose, that may seem easier. It's not. I've had to fight to prove myself sane, then, even now, to get medical. And I'm not afraid to kiss it all off if it comes right down to it.

sig94 said...

Doom- not sure where you're coming from on that. As he is a government official I would expect him to do something.