January 27, 2016

Trump No Show On Fox

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting take on why Trump shot down the Fox network. It boils down to this: why supply the bullet, load the gun and hand it to someone so they can shoot you?

The Donald
Trump is so far outside the formula that has been established for American politics that people who are inside the formula can't comprehend it. They don't understand why somebody would want to venture so far outside it, because it is what it is, and there's a ladder of success that you have to climb. And somebody challenging it like this in more ways than one, as Trump is doing, has just got everybody experiencing every kind of emotion you can: They're angry, they are flabbergasted, they're shocked, they're stunned -- and all of it because he's leading.

[...]But folks, one other thing about this. If I heard it once last night, I've heard it a thousand times since, that Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly or afraid of Fox News. That is not what this is. There isn't any fear. What is there is here -- in my opinion -- is a desire to control this and a purposeful decision to not put himself in a circumstance where other people want to make him look bad.

In his mind, that's a dumb thing to do. You don't put yourself in a circumstance where a whole bunch of other people are gonna be able to make you look bad while you're there. If they do it when you're not around, that's another thing, you can counterprogram it, you can do whatever, but you don't have to put yourself in a circumstance where you have to personally deal with it as a sign of disrespect or somebody else trying to notch their belt. It really isn't any more complicated than that.

Now, Trump's out there talking about how they're desperate to have him because high ratings means a lot of advertising revenue. Lower ratings means lower advertising revenue because Fox has to charge less. They were hoping to get $750,000 a minute, I heard, and they may be down to $150,000 a minute if Trump isn't there. I mean, these are samples of the kind of things going around.
The NY Magazine also has something to say about the internal squabble going on at Fox right now over Trump's no show.

 FOX News Roger Ailes
As the war between Fox News and Donald Trump ratchets up, Roger Ailes is fighting off criticism from his senior executives over his handling of the crisis. According to one highly placed source, last night, Ailes sent out the now-famous statement mocking Trump as being scared to meet with the “Ayatollah” and “Putin” if he became president. “That was Roger 100 percent,” the source explained. “A lot of people on the second floor” — where top Fox executives work — “didn’t think it was a good idea.”
Fox executives are also troubled that Ailes’s principal adviser right now is his longtime personal lawyer and Fox & Friends contributor Peter Johnson Jr. “He wrote the statement with Peter,” the source explained. “Peter is running the war room,” another Ailes friend told me. Fox executives are worried that Ailes is relying on an attorney with scant communications experience as the network is reeling from the biggest PR crisis in recent memory.


Kid said...

The media thinks it is omnipotent. I say this goes to Trump's favor. It does with me and I don't even like the guy.

Doom said...

Sort of with Kid, though I am more on Trump's side than anyone else's to this point. Not sure I will vote, not sure it's not all rigged and wrong at this point. For whatever that all means.

Still, I am pleased that little Megyn got her nose rubbed in her remnants, and Ailes ate nothing but exhaust. They have been pretending to be "on our side" for so long, it's finally good to see them out themselves and be forced to eat crow while taking the check for it too. I hated CNN. Then FOX came around, played the numbers, won, then turned into just another, if more corporate, CNN. Screw em'.

sig94 said...

I stopped watching FNC ages ago - actually seven or eight years now. FNC and their "Fair & Balanced" BS was gagging me. Their liberal commentators "balancing their RINO commentators was a farce.

Doom said...

I haven't, officially, had even cable for that long or longer. I suppose it would be difficult to build a conservative news source with every monster the academia produces in that, and other, areas being only monsters of the liberal left. The problem, really, with most things, is academia.