February 26, 2016

I'd Break It's Legs First



Doom said...

As long as your dad doesn't wear a dress, that won't happen. My dad's raciest attire was plaid flannel, but only well into the mountains. The rest is, well, up to you. Still, that was rather rude of him. I'm not even a father/daughter day type of guy. Then again, how often do women wear mens' clothes? Daily. Honestly, hose were stolen from men. Good riddance, just saying.

sig94 said...

The whole thing, Doom, just makes me cringe.

Doom said...

I ain't against that. True enough. I think it ought to do so. It wouldn't be so bad if they wouldn't be shoving it at us. Doesn't belong in the news, at all. So, I'm far more on your side than not.

At least, if we have to suffer through all this? We do know that in time, as with most of history, this crap will go back in the closet. Where it belongs. It's coming.