February 23, 2016

The Biggest Losers

Backing the Jebster as an allegedly strong contender for the Presidency is a good way to lose your shirt. The biggest donors to the Jeb! campaign threw about $40 million into the pot.
Big-time political donors usually know they’re gambling on risky business, yet even so, the all-or-nothing nature of political campaigns means most of them go home empty-handed – since only one candidate can win, after all. The 2016 election began with roughly 20 major candidates—most on the Republican side—and at least 10 of them had super PACs able to raise six- and seven-figure donations from wealthy backers. Jeb Bush was the undisputed king of the super PACs.

Before he dropped out of the race on Feb. 20, Bush had the benefit of more super PAC money—roughly $120 million – than the next four candidates combined. His super PAC—Right to Rise—seemed likely to be the best funded in American history. Little good all that money did. In three primary states, Bush’s best finish was fourth. A campaign swollen with money never clicked with voters.
Just a few are mentioned here:
Hank Greenberg dumped $10 mil in the Bush Black Hole.
Miguel Fernandez flushed $3.2 million down the Jeb Crapper.
Ray and Nancy Hunt fumbled $2.4 big ones out of Presidential bounds.
Richard and Nancy Kinder tossed up a $2 million campaign air ball.

What a shame.

Will someone please tell me that these folks are just simple, civic-minded citizens trying to facilitate the continuance of good government? I need the laugh...


Doom said...

Ten million to such people isn't even pocket change. They spend more than that on refreshments and entertainment, personally, for business associates and those they would invite as such, probably in a month. All written off as business expenses, mind you. Then again, isn't political giving a write-off? It wouldn't surprise me if they haven't figured out how to write off outright bribes. Just... saying.

Kid said...

Sig - "these folks are just simple, civic-minded citizens trying to facilitate the continuance of good government". Lol

Bush? Really? Tweak the Tax Code? Embrace the Syrian Rebels (al queerda) ??? amnesty for illegals ??? WTF??????? Why did he even bother running? Why did anyone give him more than 10 cents ????????????

Good thing he is out of it now.

sig94 said...

Thanks Kid... I needed that.

Doom - you're probably right. I send a hundred buck someplace and I get the willies.

Kid said...

And Bush donors are supporting Rubio now. What's that tell us :)