May 7, 2016

Are We Looking At Another Benghazi?

Marine reinforcements are being sent to the US Embassy in Baghdad. I hope there are minefields and concealed machine guns surrounding the embassy.

From Fox News:
The U.S. military has sent a platoon of Marines to bolster security at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad following recent protests led by firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Twenty-five U.S. Marine infantrymen arrived late Thursday night, a U.S. defense official told Fox News.

The move comes amid the Sadr-led protests against the rule of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which escalated last weekend with protesters storming the Green Zone in Baghdad where the embassy is located.

[...]A U.S. Marine rifle company of more than 150 Marines, in addition to private security contractors, has been protecting the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and will continue to do so.
I hate to even speculate about this, but with SecState Kerry leading the show I do not have any confidence that our people will be protected at any cost.


LL said...

Kerry can read Hillary's speech. "At this point, what difference does it make?" It's a mantra that the mainstream media can latch onto and hold as justification for gross malfeasance, which they will be satisfied with as Kerry's devotion to duty - the same devotion that got him named Swiftboat John.

Doom said...

Is this ambassador homosexual too? With Zero bowing to the worst thugs in the world, declaring he (not the US, as I see things) is below them, with their choice of ambassadors, and such... it really looks like they create the problems then just let them happen. On the good side, the ambassadors and staff are hand picked by these people. They are theirs. I don't count them as mine or even American, really.

It is unfortunate when other US citizens, military, and intelligence folk are murdered. But they really should stand down when told to stand down. They aren't fighting for America, they are defending Un-Americans. In this case, however, the marines have no choice. That, often, unfortunately, is the price paid for electing traitors, then re-electing them. If I have some doubts if those elections were legit. There is a means of dealing with that, too. If most who might are too old for any such effort. We'll see how things work out even yet.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's probably only a matter of time.

sig94 said...

Our men gave a good account of themselves defending the Benghazi station. Seeing as there were so few to defend against so many it is amazing that they held out as long a they did. The Marine rifle company in the Baghdad embassy will prove to be even more murderous o these savages.

Kid said...

Imagine losing two embassies and 40%+ still think obama is doing a wonderful job.

Doom said...


The 40% who are absolutely with Zero don't believe in America. Foreigners, many of them, in truth. They are for the destruction of America. Why? Why, after what happened in Zimbabwe is South Africa about to commit genocide on all whites in that country? Because they can. They don't care if that causes many blacks to starve, by kicking out or murdering those who do the work and make it happen. Don't... care.

Oh, and I would guess it is higher than 40%. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to vote. Don't pay taxes? Are a tax loss because of welfare? No vote.

Kid said...

Doom, Agree absolutely on the no tax no vote. Must have had a net positive paid in income + property tax