May 7, 2016

50 Years Later The Chinese Still Don't Get It

Murderous Mao

May 16th marks the 50th anniversary of the end of Mao's Great Cultural Revolution.
In 1979, three years after the end of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping visited the United States. At a state banquet, he was seated near the actress Shirley MacLaine, who told Deng how impressed she had been on a trip to China some years earlier. She recalled her conversation with a scientist who said that he was grateful to Mao Zedong for removing him from his campus and sending him, as Mao did millions of other intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution, to toil on a farm. Deng replied, “He was lying.”
Okay, given that Shirley MacLaine is a clueless ass, at least Deng was honest. The Cultural Revolution lasted for 10 years, killed over a million people and and nearly starved 200 million more.

It was a nationwide, self-hate communist convulsion that should have cured the world of socialism, but people like Bernie Sanders and the Clintons weren't watching and the idiots in liberal colleges haven't been taught  the dangers of total government control.

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Doom said...

The problem with the Chinese, and even Germans, Russians, and others? They have, over the last century, time and again, murdered anyone with any intention of doing right by their conscience, having any level of free will or self determination. Some of them have even butchered many of their brightest people (not to be confused with actual free thinkers mind you). Further, this has instilled such a fear among the weak-minded who usually are left to reporting as real writers, you know, write freehand, that the msm has bowed, preemptively, to any hostile force... whether it be government, islam, mafia, or anyone or thing else that might hurt them. I mean Western msm. Heck, many churches have done the same, selling out is another way for churches to fall, as with (for certain) the "Lutheran charities" taking filthy lucre by the buckets to bring murdering muslims in and settle them. Though I believe Catholic Charities does too, and more, pushes to end borders at least between the US and Mexico (which is why giving to the church, probably any church, is likely bordering on an act of treason).

For now, and for centuries, those people especially close to the genocides will be state drones. They will have to hope that, in time, perhaps, their people will regain some will to self determination again. But that can only start as soon as their nations stop murdering them for even posting a critical comment somewhere. Which... isn't now. That'll get you beat like a dog. If repeated, it will get you dead, disappeared, even in Russia. If they had been armed, perhaps things would be different for them. But they weren't.

Kid said...

I do believe Today's kids are headed for such an outcome. I don't think it's going to take long at all.