May 3, 2016

And It Ain't Even Doctors With Guns

The Drudge Report had this link to a WashPost story:
Nightmare stories of nurses giving potent drugs meant for one patient to another and surgeons removing the wrong body parts have dominated recent headlines about medical care. Lest you assume those cases are the exceptions, a new study by patient safety researchers provides some context.

Their analysis, published in the BMJ on Tuesday, shows that "medical errors" in hospitals and other health care facilities are incredibly common and may now be the third leading cause of death in the United States -- claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer's.
Idiots wearing stethoscopes might be responsible for killing a quarter of a million people a year in the US.

And as the government assumes more and more control of health care it will only get worse. Hell, that's probably the reason it's as bad as it is. We need incompetent idiot control, not gun control.

But at least it's a diversified crowd of idiots that are killing us, we've got that going for us.


Doom said...

Between "equalizing" and "liberalizing" medical and nursing schools, plus shoving things like ethics and morality aside, or outright stripping... even reversing the notion... of those, I am thinking that actual accident is far less than atheist intentional dysfunction (are solid Christians even allowed into or through medical programs?). As well, the "liberal" notions that whitey has it coming, being ingrained even in white youths, should terrify you when dealing with the medical field. If they murder you, essentially, you deserve it.

As for Zerocare? That is meant to be a death trap for many. It isn't an accident that accidents will increase, or outright murders will increase. That is baked into that cake.

underground pewster said...

The study is flawed because it is based on estimates and extrapolations. Another way to look at this is if the study is accurate, and the number of deaths in the U.S. was 2,596,993 in 2013, then 10% of these deaths were due to medical errors. I believe this is an absurd percentage based on my experience in hospital root cause analyses and disciplinary committees. It is a fact that in the U.S. we blame any bad outcome on someone else. "X" percent are caused by smoking, "X" percent are caused by obesity, etc, etc. Eventually, we wind up with more causes of death than we have people dying. Because we all die, it is always interesting to watch people try to lay the blame for our inevitable mortality elsewhere. I say, "If you have a complaint about dying, take it up with the manufacturer."

Kid said...

Exactly. Par for the course. And with the affirmative action clause in obammycare, get ready to go see Docta keyshawn and docta kenisha