May 2, 2016

This Judge Gets It

The judge knew that Sgt. Joseph Serna had been through a lot.

Cumberland County, N.C., District Court Judge Lou Olivera

The former Special Forces soldier did four combat tours in Afghanistan over a nearly two-decades-long career with the U.S. Army. Through those years, the Fayetteville Observer reported, Serna was almost killed three times: once, by a roadside bomb, then again by a suicide bomber.
Sgt. Serna was suffering from PTSD and had been arrested for DUI. He was on release and lied about his urine test. He was sentenced to 24 hours in jail - and the judge, a Gulf War vet, joined him in the cell to serve out the sentence with him.

Story here.


Gorges Smythe said...

Good man!

sig94 said...

Gorges - isn't it a shame that we hear it so seldom of a judge?