June 27, 2016

Bill Clinton's Most Excellent Christmas

iOTW posted this story from the American Mirror:
While most men get socks or tools for Christmas, a White House aide reportedly gave President Bill Clinton something else each year: sex.

Bill CLinton SantaThat’s one of many revelations in Dolly Kyle’s new book, “Hillary The Other Woman: A Political Memoir.”

According to Kyle, Clinton had a whole host of women at his disposal to meet his “sex addiction.”

One, she identifies as former White House aide Marsha Scott, said her annual Christmas gift to Clinton was sex.

“I’ll introduce Marsha Scott,” Kyle writes in chapter 44. “Billy and Marsha had known each other since the 1970s in Arkansas, and she went to Washington with him to work in the White House, as an aide.

I was so inspired by Billy Jeff's thirty years of Holiday Spirit ('tis better to receive than to give), doggone, this just flew on to the page.

The Intern of Christmas Past

T’was the night before Christmas and in the  White House
An intern or two were unbuttoning their blouse
The Secret Service was bringing them in
To the Oval office where the fun would begin.
Hillary was nestled, all smiles in her bed
Whle Huma was busily giving her head.
Billy Jeff grabbed an intern and started to tickle
Knowing full well what she’d do with his pickle.
When all of a sudden there arose such a commotion
That the startled intern dropped the hand lotion.
Away to the door Billy flew like a flash
Pissed off ’cause he wanted to play with her gash.
“What the hell’s goin’ on!” he screamed at Agent Byrne
“Keep it down! I got a cigar going for that intern!”
But there was no agent outside his sex arena
Just a US Marshal, waving a subpoena.
“Sorry to bother” the lawman said with a grin
“I see that you’re busy so I won’t be coming in.”
“You have been served,” and then off he skedaddled.
Billy Jeff was annoyed, worried and rattled.
He started to read and soon he turned pale
With the list he was reading he might end up in jail.
Now Eleanor, now Marsha, now Jennifer Flowers
Now Monica, Juanita (this could go on for hours).
To the top of the list! To the bottom again!
There were just so damn many! (Can I hear an amen?)
There was only one hope for this lecherous man!
And soon Hillary came up with a devious plan.
“It’s a right wing conspiracy!” she shrilly proclaimed;
“My Billy is innocent, he’s just being framed!”
Now fast forward twenty years or so, friends
She’s running for President, let’s see how this ends.
They’re both stinking liars, there’s not a shadow of doubt
How anyone could vote for her, I can’t figure it out.
But I know what I want for Christmas this year
It’s Trump in the White House and Hillary out on her rear.

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Kid said...

clintons are white trash subhuman garbage. But they love them eh?