June 28, 2016

That Sucking Sound As Jobs Disappear

Brexit's reception here must have worried the socialists running North America so they're not wasting time getting their heads together to figure out ways they can screw their citizens before the freedom tsunami hits.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Monday called for greater integration with Canada and the United States in the wake of Britain's vote to split with the European Union.

Nieto, who spoke during a stopover in Quebec City, is scheduled to attend a North American leaders summit in Ottawa on Wednesday with his US and Canadian counterparts.

The three countries are economic partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and work closely on security matters.

At Wednesday's summit, the leaders are expected to announce joint energy and environmental strategies, including matching renewable energy targets.

"The purpose of this visit is to renew our bilateral relationship, to give it new life, to find ways to advance the prosperity and competitiveness of North America," Pena Nieto said.

"I think what is happening elsewhere in the world invites us to strengthen our strategic alliance and especially to be much more inclusive," he said in response to questions about the so-called Brexit decision.
Notice how he is not addressing crimes committed by Mexican citizens when they enter the country illegally nor is he worried about the narcotics trafficking that is poisoning America and feeding the bloodletting in our cities. Nah, he likes the energy gig. Remember Solyndra? There's lots more "green" companies that have gone belly up after feeding on government subsidies. I bet there's a few Mexican start ups that would like a piece of that. Obama did pretty well off the solar scam, Nieto just wants to wet his beak.

All this thief is doing is looking to increase the spread of his net. You know, the net that he casts to catch corrupt politicians and businessmen. He might be running low on Mexican thieves so he wants some of our ours and Canada's. How do we know this? The three of them want to start a continental carbon market - to enlarge Al Gore's multi-billion dollar scam involving green house gas (GHG) emissions trading. This could be Obama's retirement plan which of course will be funded by taxpayers.

And the current idiot Prime Minister to the north? He's got a whole country as a new toy and he's dying to see if he can break it. Silly socialist, maybe he thinks failed economic policies do better if they get rooted in a colder climate.

These high ranking politicians just don't get it.
But then again, corrupt politicians rarely do unless it's in the form of an arrest warrant or a noose.

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