September 1, 2016

Bad Posture Is A Capital Offense

I have called North Korean President For Eternity And Beyond Kim Jong-un a nut case, fruit cake and homicidal maniac. He is actually worse than that. The Harvard School of Language has been busily researching a new word that will be used to describe foul creatures like Jong-un.

He executed someone because they were not sitting up straight.

Kim Jong-un has executed a senior North Korean official by firing squad because he did not sit properly during a meeting. 
Education minister Kim Yong-Jin, 63, was shot dead after his 'bad sitting posture' in parliament incurred the wrath of the North Korean dictator. 
The slouching vice premier was interrogated and found to be an 'anti-revolutionary agitator' before his execution in July, a South Korean official said.
Lord only knows what Kim would have done if Yong-Jin was also chewing gum.
Story here.


LL said...

When are the Norks going to say, "enough is enough" and remove Dear Leader?

Doom said...

When you live in hell, even the princes are targets. And for good reason. Not men, these. Not pigs, inhuman. Possession? I really wonder.

sig94 said...

You'd think that one of his underlings would realize, "Gee, I'm probably next," and off Dear Leader. But his unpredictable predilection for perfidy could be the reason why no one does. Even I have to think about that...

Doom said...

I get that, Sig. Stalin to Pol Pot, I've studied these... men. They used random terror in their inner circles. Some of them had the others murder one of their own... insinuation that lead to raw murder just to live another breath. All I mean is that everybody from top to bottom, save the top (in theory) is a target. Most of those types murdered men in the upper circle, which set an example. Most of them had no direct involvement with any murders, however. Not a drop of blood on them. The worst sort of murder there is, I decided, when studying Hitler as a barely teen... or the best if you don't care about God or actively seek hell. What is strange? I honestly believe Hitler and Stalin, almost for sure, believed in God. I'm not sure if they thought to supplant God, or believed they deserved hell and went for that... or a mix? It wasn't insanity. Like I suggest, perhaps possession... if that is a choice, or at least an opening must be created (if that can yoga, or as little as vegetarianism as a minor faith).

Did you know the yoga poses are hindu gods? I am curious what the main Shiva poses are... I'll have to look those up.

underground pewster said...

The initial reports were that he nodded off during a meeting. Whatever, these guys have a lunatic at the helm. The problem with nuts is that they are so irresistible. If you resist, you die.

Doom said...

I just don't believe they are crazy. Insanity is a very rare condition. Giving them an out is wrong. They are grown up, well educated, and choose to be a part of these things. It doesn't matter how it sounds, this isn't insanity, it is evil. They know and we should too. If we can't call evil what it is, we will never be able to defeat it.