September 2, 2016

The FBI Did Find Its Butt In The Dark... But "Lost" It Again

As expected, some FBI agents are furious because their Director, James Comey, helped to derail efforts to indictment Hillary "Felony-In-Waiting" Clinton.

If the democrats manage to steal the election this fall, whatever hurt accrued by the US during a Clinton Administration can be laid right at Comey's feet. He had to be the one who refused to videotape Clinton's deposition before FBI officials and cooperated in limiting the scope of the FBI's investigation, thus hamstringing Justice..

From Circa:
Though it was not their primary mission, FBI agents who investigated Hillary Clinton's email collected significant evidence suggesting she and her team violated federal record-keeping laws, including persisting to use a private Blackberry and server to conduct State Department business after being warned they posed legal and security risks, government sources tell Circa.The evidence was compelling enough to convince FBI Director James Comey that the Clinton team had not complied with record-keeping laws and to cause at least one witness to raise their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during an investigative interview, the sources said.

[...]The FBI "indirectly documented hundreds, and likely thousands, of violations of the Records Act," one source with direct knowledge of the FBI's investigation told Circa. Using forensics, the FBI recovered from computer drives and other witnesses about 15,000 emails from Mrs. Clinton's private account that dealt with government business, most that had not been turned over by her or her aides, the sources said.

[...]Accounts from witnesses suggested the efforts to keep Mrs. Clinton's government email communications on a device and server outside the reach of public records laws or congressional oversight were "systemic and intentional" and began as soon as Mrs. Clinton took office in 2009, one source told Circa.


LL said...

Comey's FBI revealed themselves to be nothing but cheap political pawns, willing to do whatever their masters demanded of them no matter how corrupt. Nothing more.

sig94 said...

LL - they will not soon recover from this embarrassing episode. I wonder how this will impact their future investigations, especially when they need a CI to trust them.