September 11, 2016

Germany Awakening

After allowing almost unfettered entry of a million uninvited guests into their country, it now looks like the Germans are preparing for trouble within their own borders.
There have been several alarming developments in Germany over the past few weeks. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government has told its citizens to begin stockpiling food and water. And not long after announcing that, the government suggested that they may bring back the draft, which was abolished in 2011 after it was deemed to be archaic and unnecessary.

Initially the government was reluctant to bluntly spell out exactly why they wanted to bring back conscription or why their citizens should start stockpiling necessities. But based on some of the reports that have come from the German government since then, it’s obvious that they’re preparing for terrorist attacks...

[...] MAINZ, Germany — Germany is preparing to train troops to be deployed within its borders for the first time since World War II amid fears of terrorist attacks.

The country’s armed forces will hold joint drills with police early next year, officials confirmed.

Authorities stress that counterterrorism measures will primarily remain the responsibility of police.

However, the potential for large-scale attacks have made the use of German military assets “conceivable, even probable,” according to Lt. Gen. Martin Schelleis, the Bundeswehr’s chief of joint support services.
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LL said...

They might consider exempting Muslims from military service.

Doom said...

If I were German, I would be very worried. I am not sure which side those troops will be on. Any nation which weaponizes it's military for action within it's own borders has always ended up targeting the nominal citizen. This is not a good thing. Merkel is East German, through and through, it seems. Unfortunately she isn't alone.

What is also bad is they are suggesting citizens have about a week and an half of rations and water, give or take? Which means... those forces really aren't going to come to the rescue. I guess until the islamists are out of bullets and bombs? I would be very cautious of such a government, the very one which brought in terrorists (and still is bringing them in), creating the problem. Libs are libs wherever they are... let no crisis go to waste (while creating as many of them as possible). Have they started disarming citizens, yet?

el chupacabra said...

Probably more to do with the Russkies but inevitable increased terrorism is intertwined.

Doom said...

If they fear the Russians, truly? Good. it's about damned time! But that shouldn't have them unleashing their military in their nation. That, as I suggested, is just setting up to create a problem. Though even if all of Europe armed up, I don't think, without the US, they could stop Russia. Especially not if supported by China and maybe Iran. And, personally, I don't see a reason to help. Arm some of the weaker states, diplomatically create alliances, then leave. They need to grow up. They have more people, and some suggest more wealth, let them choose socialism, communism, or simple tyranny, or not. Not our issue. Besides, they have been harshing on us for decades. Let them deal with it on their own. Especially with them trying to invite islamic nations and peoples, thus becoming a security risk for us. I hope Trump is even half what he suggests, and clears some of this up. My guess is, if Europe has to choose between some things, it will come to reason fairly quickly... united or in pieces, some maybe back under Russia's heel.