September 17, 2016

In Mother Russia, Priests Cast The First Stone

From the Moscow Times:
Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin of the Russian Orthodox Church is no stranger to controversy.

The staunchly conservative Orthodox priest has stuck his nose in everything from Kremlin involvement in eastern Ukraine to women's rights. He's claimed that women wearing short skirts “should not be surprised if they are raped,” and has railed against mixed-denomination Christian congregations.

But he outdid himself on Aug. 15, when he turned a question on a new statue dedicated to Ivan the Terrible into an ode to Stalin – dodging the question to declare both his support for the Soviet leader and the brutal purges in which millions of Russians were killed.

“He [Stalin] did a lot. At the end of it all, what's so bad about destroying some of [Russia's] internal enemies?,” said Chaplin on the Echo Moskvy radio station.
However, some Russians do remember Stalin's legacy of slaughter, exile and terror. Just this week a memorial to Stalin was vandalized the very night after it was dedicated.


LL said...

I'm surprised that they erected a monument to Stalin. The dictator was responsible for tens of millions of Russians being killed well before the Great Patriotic War with the Germans.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well apparently Christian leadership, no matter the denomination, are willing to try to outdo each other into entering a deal with the devil.

This from a Russian, although disappointing, is somewhat surprising in that it comes from the orthodox realm.

The Vatican on the other hand has been bent to the political will from the get-go and now full blown with a commie Jesuit, banana republic, black theology world view at the top.

Any Christian left in the Middle East now has no friend in supposed leadership.

Euripides said...

The mentality that praises anything about Stalin is depraved and evil. Such is the mentality of the ignorant who prefer equality of outcomes. When dissenters are all dead, we've reached the progressive ideal.

Kid said...

That's libtardism for ya.

I'll bet 50% of America would vote for Stalin.