September 15, 2016

Police Shoot Man With Cleaver

My daughter called home today all excited about an incident she ran into on her way home from work. A NYPD cop got hit in the head with a cleaver or something by some idiot. The cops shot him a buncha times. Cop and perp both in the hospital.
A Midtown cop was whacked in the head with a butcher knife during a harrowing rush hour scene just steps from Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

Cops were called to W. 32nd St. between Seventh Ave. and Broadway just before 5 p.m. when several people saw the suspect running with a butcher’s knife in his hand, according to witnesses and initial reports.

“He was running down the street waving it,” said an MTA worker, who wished not to be named. “The cops were chasing him.”

The phalanx of officers finally surrounded the man near Penn Station and told him to drop the weapon, but he refused.

“Drop it! Drop it!” the cops screamed repeatedly, according to witnesses.

When one of the cops tried to knock the blade from his hand, he struck the officer with it, leaving him with a deep gash.

Then all hell broke loose, the witness said.

“They shot him up,” the witness said. “He was hit five or six times. He was laid up on the sidewalk. It looked like he was dead.”
Story here.


LL said...

I hope the suspect is dead. If he's not the officers need to be tasked with remedial range training.

Doom said...

Bothersome. Unless he was a tricky s.o.b., why did the cop get chopped? Are they being trained to take one "for the team" (blm) before shooting, especially goblins? There are other negative options, but that seems most likely. How are we supposed to trust them if they can't, or won't, even defend themselves. They best start taking this shit seriously.

underground pewster said...

While the nutter sounds like a nutter, his name, Akram Joudeh, suggests he might be an inspired nutter.