September 13, 2016

Hillary's Health And The Media Cover Up Are Both Falling Apart

Breitbart has a delicious array, nay, a politically salacious smorgasbord of medical opinions regarding Hillary's recent collapse. Please, sample one or three...
Dr. Orient referred to reports that Clinton has a blood clot near her brain, noting that anti-coagulant medication prevents clots from spreading, rather than dissolving those which already exist.

“Does she have a residual problem getting blood out of her head, which causes high pressure on your brain?” Dr. Orient asked.
Hmmm, tasty. This means that any swelling in her brain caused by previous blockage has not been addressed by anti-coagulants. Are there any other meds that could accomplish this?
Andrew recommended additional testing, including an EEG brain wave test and more neuro-cognitive testing, “to be sure she’s not having intermittent seizures.”

“We’ve seen her have these episodes of staring, and with the history of potential brain injury, there’s potential scarring, which can then cause these seizures to occur,” he said.
That was yummy. Another? Oh please, go on. There's one hors d'oeuvre I left out about atrial fibrillation (which I take medication for).
“What are her carotid Doppler results? Does she have atrial fibrillation? Why is she on Coumadin? Does she maintain the Coumadin regularly?” he asked, referring to a blood-thinning medication.
More and more the media is being forced to report on her deteriorating medical condition and the "pneumonia lies" that are falling apart.
"What you saw was not even remotely close to pneumonia,” Eric said firmly, citing his own experience at dealing with upper-respiratory infections. “That was an immediate event that caused, obviously, a complete, almost like paralysis of her lower extremities. It’s insulting to not only physicians in the people that saw that, but also to everyday folks.”
I consider the entire Democratic party organization to be an insult as well as these so-called professional  people they have conscripted to deceive the American people.

But never you mind. Have some dessert.
James said it was “shocking” that Clinton’s doctor would allow her to repair to her daughter’s apartment for a mere 90-minute rest period after the event she suffered, saying she should have been checked into the hospital for tests including a CAT scan of her brain, given the danger of her blood-thinner medication inadvertently producing a condition where her blood has been thinned out too much.


LL said...

But despite all of that, don't hold your breath for honest health/physical results.

The DNC will back her even if she's dead and turned into a Weekend-at-Bernie's zombie.

Kid said...

Yea, dems will vote for a dead squirrel, or in this case, opossum.