September 9, 2016

Hillary Defaults On Benghazi Lawsuit

If true, this is an interesting turn of events.
The attorney for Pat Smith and Charles Woods has filed an affidavit in federal court asking for a federal judge to enter a default judgment against Hillary Clinton after she failed to respond to a lawsuit they filed in United States District Court in D.C. in August.

Smith and Woods are the parents of American U.S. Foreign Service member Sean Smith, and Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, respectively. Both died during the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. They sued Clinton for wrongful death, defamation, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The defendants say they served Clinton at her campaign office in Brooklyn, New York.

“Despite having been served in this matter, no appearance has been entered by Defendant Hillary Clinton, no responsive pleading has been filed or served upon counsel for Plaintiffs: no motions for extension of time have been filed,” attorney Larry Klayman wrote in an affidavit. Klayman runs the right-leaning Freedom Watch organization. He says for all of those reasons the Court “is requested to enter a Default against Defendant Hillary Clinton.”
Apparently Hillary was supposed to respond within 21 days of the filing or request an extension. She did neither.

Story here.
Background here.


Doom said...

Some judge will just quash all the problems, perhaps the whole proceeding. If not, one just will wipe away the problems and another judge will toss. This woman could murder someone on CNN and she'd walk. She is worse than Zero.

sig94 said...

Doom - guess we'll have to see. Judicial Watch has had fairly good luck with judges in their FOIL lawsuits. Perhaps these people will have the same. Who knows?

Sunnybrook Farm said...

You realize that she probably just forgot and nobody told her that she had to do anything and she had a brain injury, oh and she is a woman and they wouldn't do this to a man and it is just a conspiracy....
The problem is which excuse to use.

Kid said...

It's a blood red slimey right wing attack job of course. Could the motive be a delay tactic - that if this country actually elects this piece of human garbage, is it possible to sue the President?