September 5, 2016

The Police, They Care.

The Richland, WA Police report finding a man's body in the Columbia River, near the confluence of the Yakima River, at Columbia park. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive marijuana consumption. The dead man's name will not be released until his family has been notified.

He was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, a strap-on dildo, purple lipstick, and a 'Hillary for President' T-shirt. He also had a LED flashlight and a cucumber in his rectum.

The flashlight was on.

Emergency room staff turned off the flashlight and the police removed the Hillary T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

In spite of what we sometimes think, the Police do care.


Kid said...

HA !

LL said...

Back the badge, the boys in blue do care about victim's families...