October 28, 2016

Evil Women

Hillary is a monster. And Hillary's right hand, Huma? She's just as bad as the Iranian Senior Advisor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett. These are evil women who hate America.

Praise the Lord because Huma married an immature wanker whose computer was seized by the FBI. Whatever it is on that computer that caused Comey to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton must be a doozy.


Kid said...

I think about the beast being taken down because huma didn't delete and weiner sexted a 15 yr old girl and I laugh like a maniac. Thank God for some comic relief at least.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What is to be understood here is abrogation, a hallmark tradition in islam. Hillary let the beast in and now we all are paying the price. And this was done for the root of all evil, yes money.

Yahweh cannot return soon enough.

Doom said...

Right on, Sig.

And Amen, amen, you guys. I'm a Catholic, but I'll even toss in an hallelujah. :p

Doom said...

Just... not a really vibrant one.

LL said...

Karma may have driven right over her dogma.