October 23, 2016


Our daughter has left the Army and has moved back to Fayetteville, NC, where she will be working for a defense contractor at Fort Bragg. We were in Fayetteville for almost a week last month helping her look at homes; she wants something not too far from the base. After we left, she drove up a week later to visit us for another week before returning to NC. She brought her dogs up also.

This is Bogart, or "Bogie." My daughter found him tattered, dirty and flea infested while she was stationed at Goodfellow AFB in Texas. He was maybe four months old -  he had a collar, no tag and was obviously abandoned. She adopted him and he is now one of my grand dogs. The vet suspects that he is part Great Dane and part Labrador.  


He is a mental midget who crapped on my carpet. Look deep into his eyes. The Stoopid lurks there, thick as ticks on a possum. His sister, Greta, is much smarter. He should listen to her.

This is Greta with her duck. She's a rescue mutt from the Fayetteville pound. She's half Boxer and half Pit Bull and all lover. She loves to have her haunches scratched. She's been my grand dog now for about two and a half years. I still got the duck's head.

The next time they visit I'm gonna duct tape Bogies' ass shut.


Adrienne said...

Neither labs or Danes are known for their keen insight and brilliant decision making skills. I'm sure Bogie is quite lovable anyway.

sig94 said...

Adrienne - Yup, he is lovable. Stupid but lovable, especially when he uses the outdoors for his elimination needs. He is also a ferocious hunter of the red laser dot. But I do favor Greta.

LL said...

Neither do you want a dog who is too smart. Jack Russel Terriers, for example. If you don't pay attention to them all the time, the revenge is a thing to behold.

Kid said...

Black Labs Matter too man.
Give him a little training. Maybe even paid training. Worth it in the long run.

We've had black labs, and they were all beyond wonderful. fwiw