November 1, 2016

Has The Revolution Begun?

At first I thought this video from InfoWars was a buncha crap. Then I see that Drudge has this as a headline.

Basically, the story is that the US intelligence community has staged or is staging a "soft" a coup against the establishment - the Clintons and the Obama Administration. These agents decided that they have had enough of the corruption plaguing our government and used their considerable resources to preserve the Republic through this election cycle.

The intelligence spooks are the ones feeding Assange the emails. They're the ones who are providing the emails that will defeat Hillary Clinton. They're the ones telling Obama that he will not give the Clintons a pardon.

You listen to Steve Pieczenik, you decide. I never heard of him before.


Doom said...

If so, it's about damned time. We'll see. But, this would be rightly what the republican part of our democratic republic is supposed to do. I still think, if it is happening, it wasn't them so much as the feedback they got from us. Again? If so, it's about damned time. Not sure I am buying it. We'll see.

LL said...

WASHINGTON – Only days before the presidential election, the FBI released an archive of documents from a long-closed investigation into Bill Clinton's 2001 presidential pardon of a fugitive financier, prompting questions from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign about its timing.

The release comes amid the bureau's controversially timed review of emails from a Hillary Clinton aide.
The 129 pages of heavily censored material about Bill Clinton's presidential pardon of Marc Rich were published Monday on the FBI's Freedom of Information Act webpage and noted by one of the bureau's Twitter accounts Tuesday.

Kid said...

I'm very pro assange when it come to exposing the government/politicians doing their money laundering and other evil. F yea.

Marc Rich paid 5 mil, and his wife no doubt provided 'personal services' as she delivered the $