November 5, 2016

Hillary Is Four More Years Of Destructive Policies

Clinton and Trump offer diametrically opposed policies  on immigration. Hillary favors the same insane, unrestricted immigration measures that have overwhelmed our border states and endangered our communities.  Trump wants to impose drastic restrictions on this flood. For good reason:
MS-13’s swelled ranks responsible for machete attacks, scalpings, other violent crimes

The surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America at the U.S.-Mexican border has caused more than administrative headaches — it is bringing gang violence to the American heartland, an immigration researcher said Friday.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which favors lower levels of immigration, released a pair of studies pointing to tens of thousands of children that federal authorities have lost track of after temporarily placing them in the United States. Thousands of those youths have joined the violent Central American gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, according to the studies.

Many have ended up in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York
[emphasis mine~sig94]. One of the reports released Friday cites a September story in the Long Island Press estimating that Suffolk County, alone, has had more than 1,000 MS-13 members over the previous decade. The Associated Press reported last month that the gang is responsible for some 30 homicides on Long Island since 2010. Authorities have arrested 35 alleged gang member just in the last several weeks.
We moved our mother out of Suffolk County last year. The areas that the article refers to are just south of where I grew up in Smithtown and right next door to where my mother lived (Hauppauge). The changes to this part of Long Island are alarming.

You had to grow up on the Island to appreciate what a great place it was. Smithtown was established under the British in 1665. I marched in our tricentennial celebration. We bicycled to the beaches on the North Shore; clean, sandy beaches where on a clear day you could almost see Connecticut. Long Island was once home to many whaling communities and fishing is still an important part of the local economy. When I was a kid our area was well known for for seafood, but also produce, especially corn, and Long Island duck was considered a delicacy. Our schools were second to none, no one worried about crime. Crime? That was why we moved to the Island, to get away from NYC.

That has all changed.

It probably won't get much better no matter who is elected President, but much of the blame can be placed on our politicians who, among other disastrous policies,  have allowed thousands of savages to reside among peaceful citizens. And they just didn't grant them permission to enter the country illegally, they promoted this invasion and sustained it through generous welfare programs.

Obama, Hillary - they both hate America and have continued the policies that have destroyed what was once a safe, God-fearing, productive society. May God curse them and all who have contributed to the decline of our nation.


sig94 said...

Yeah, I know. All of us who grew up in the 50's and 60's have an idyllic notion of our childhood. But so many of our communities have deteriorated into savage hellholes compared to what they once were. Our fathers should have taken up arms when this started to occur under their watch.

LL said...

My solution is to build a cabin in the mountains with solar power, a well, and a lot of meat on the hoof living around me. Even if Trump wins, and I hope that he does, going Galt is as optimistic as I can be.