November 1, 2016

Mark Twain once wrote, "Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."

I think the Clintons are about to learn that you "Never pick a fight with people who can have 14,000 special agents do nothing else but investigate your ass."
(CNN)Ed Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania and former Democratic National Committee chairman, said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton's campaign was making a mistake by attacking FBI director James Comey over how he handled recent developments into the investigation of Clinton's private server.

"I think that's, I wouldn't do that," Rendell told radio host Rich Zeoli on 1210 WPHT Philadelphia. "Again, you know, I'm not running the campaign by any means, but I wouldn't do that."
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Kid said...

Well, the timing of this is because hilrod delayed for over a year releasing emails and because Huma didn't turn over a device she was required to turn over. Nothing to do with Comey.

And total speculation, but part of this might be that there was an internal revolt within the FBI regards letting such a criminal like clinton skate.

I do think the democraps are getting as nervous as vampires being drug towards the sunlight and they will be squirming and resisting just like those vampires. I hope I'm right.

Doom said...

I think you have it pretty well down, Kid. As to attacking Comey? If it was just up to him, he wouldn't care. Just keep bankrolling his woman and, yeah, business incidentals. It's the high (?) but definitely mid levels who are about to frog walk Comey himself if he proves bought and sold. Screwed his legacy though. He'll always be a turd in the annals.

LL said...

Hillary is whistling past the graveyard in the hopes that everything will be OK.

Kid said...

Doom, Thanks. I agree except that Comey could possibly pull a Rocky 1 out. Doubtful but possible.