November 22, 2016

It Was Snowing, But Now It's Raining Indictments

The weeds of political corruption in New York State are alive and well. And so they should be after being watered and fertilized by the likes of our thug governor.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is busy yanking weeds and managed to grab one of Gov. Andrew *spit* Cuomo's buddies in the process.
Two executives from Cor Development Co. and six other men, including a former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, were indicted today in connection with allegations of corruption in New York economic development projects.

Steven F. Aiello, 58, and Joseph B. Gerardi Jr., 57, partners in Cor Development Co., of Fayetteville, were among those indicted. Both men are charged with bribery, bid-rigging and lying to federal authorities.
Six other men were also indicted for corruption.
Most of the allegations involve three major Upstate development projects: the so-called corrupBuffalo Billion; the development of a Central New York nanotechnology hub in DeWitt; and the construction of a power plant in Orange County.

Aiello and Gerardi are accused of bribing Joseph Percoco, a former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Todd Howe, a former lobbyist with connections to the Cuomo family.
What is so sweet about this is that Cuomo put the brakes on a political corruption task force, the Moreland Commission, but Bharara wouldn't let it die. He subpenaed the Moreland records and started pulling weeds. Although he found no wrong doing in Cuomo's handling of the Commission, since then he has convicted the two most powerful politicians in NY of corruption.

Looks like he isn't through yet. Perhaps Trump should take a lesson from Bharara. NY State Sen. Sheldon Silver (D) was old and feeble also.

Story here.


Kid said...

Yea, Trump says prosecuting clinton would be divisive. ? Can this country get any more divisive?
And what of the promise to bring law and order back to America.
Trump is major failing on this one.

Did the clinton machine threaten the Trump family? Not that I want to give him a pass for any reason.

This is bullshit.

sig94 said...

Kid - we've waited eight years for this, another seven weeks to see what Trump does will come none too soon.