November 23, 2016

USS Zumwalt - $4 Billion Down The Crapper

The Navy's newest is broken ... again.
They can't shoot the guns and now they can't make it go for the second time in a month.
I'm wondering if they can keep the damn thing afloat.
But - hey - they got queers and transgender freaks on board so we're good.
I'm so happy that the US Navy has its priorities straight.
The US Navy's newest destroyer broke down while transiting the Panama Canal, colliding with the Canal lock walls and forcing the $4 billion dollar ship to resort to a tow from a tugboat. The USS Zumwalt was towed to a former U.S. naval station in Panama where it will undergo emergency repairs. This is just months after a similar incident in September.
Yeah, yeah, I know. Every ship has a shake down cruise to iron out the bugs, but it''s not supposed to shake itself to pieces.

Story here.


LL said...

The navy may have lost its way with the stupid and dysfunctional LCS and now with the Zumwalt Class. It needs to go back to basics and lose its focus on gender identity and racial griping.

Kid said...

Rename this thing to the USS barry soetoro.