December 28, 2016

SecState Kerry: Defending The Indefensible

Backstabber: accomplice, Benedict Arnold, betrayer, caballer, collaborator, colluder, conspirator, deceiver, highbinder, Judas, plotter, rat, subversive, traitor, turncoat, two-timer, whore.

That's enough of the nice things I have to say about Obama and John Kerry.

They plunged the UN's anti-Semite knife into Israel's back and twisted it. After Obama denies it, Kerry now admits that they planned this outrage in advance.
"And during the time of the process, as it went out we made clear to others including those on the Security Council that it was possible that if the resolution were to be balanced and it were to include references to incitement and to terrorism that it was possible the United States would then not block it, if it was balanced and fair. That is a standard practice with resolutions at the Security Council. The Egyptians and the Palestinians and many others understood that if the text were more balanced it was possible we wouldn't block it. But we also made crystal clear that the president of the United States would not make a final decision about our own position until we saw the final text."
Story here.


Doom said...

Seriously? As much as the Jewish coalition has pushed for anti-American issues, such as open borders, the importation of islam, force multiculturalism (here, none of it in Israel), and pushing for politicians like Zero, and now they don't like the results? I don't care. Sleep in the bed you made.

If they want to help fix it, let us destroy the UN. That will cut some of their influence. It really will. I am beginning to finally see, after fifty years of political attacks against the US, that Israel really isn't a friend. They worship liberalism, not God, or they would have rebuilt the temple. If they don't start acting like allies, as with Europe, I think it is time we pulled back.

sig94 said...

Doom - who else do we have over there? Granted the UN has to go, no doubt, but who do we trust over there? At least let the Israelis take some of the heat/hate. They can be very useful at times.

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

It has always amazed me Kerry made it as far as he has, concidering his past. Once a Traitor, always a Traitor.

Doom said...

If we had a good leader, we could have the Kurds, and could have had Iraqis. At this point the latter may never trust us again, and fairly. As for Israel, they are just as often, and more deeply than imagined, an enemy of America and Americans. They have shoveled Zero and his kind at us, funding, fomenting their politics, and supporting it. Both there and here. Not a friend, as I see things. With friends like that, I'd rather just have enemies.


Seriously. In a right world he would have been tried and hung. A fair trial immediately followed by a fair hanging. Then again, a fairly big party of those who are politicians currently even, and for the last fifty years, actually back to and including FDR, are traitors. And they meant it. They truly hate us peons, and have destroyed the middle class as much as they can. Not sure about Trump, just watching now. He may truly end up great, or worse than anything we have seen so far.